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Youth Week

YOUTH WEEK 2020 | JUNE 21 – 25



What is Youth Week?

Youth Week is a movement of teenagers who are formed and sent into our city to be Jesus. It’s more than a mission trip… it’s the start of living a missional life. This year we are expecting over 350 teenagers to join us as we partner with 50+ organizations across West Michigan. In a nutshell, Youth Week is where summer camp and local mission trip collide!

The basic structure of Youth Week is quite simple. We spend half of the day with our workgroups serving the West Michigan area in partnership with local organizations (mission). The other half of the day is spent eating, worshipping, and playing games together (camp). It’s a time of intense friendship, fun, and serving. In the eight years that Youth Week has been happening we have found that as students live, serve, and worship together they build bonds with each other and with God, that can lead to lasting life-change.

Throughout the week students are encouraged to:

  • Listen – to who God says they are and how they can respond to the world around them.
  • Serve – in real and creative ways.
  • Celebrate – what God is up to in each other, those we serve, and in our community.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • +Who can attend Youth Week?


    Students who have completed grades 6-12 may register for Youth Week.


  • +Where is Youth Week located? Is it safe?

    For the second year, Youth Week activities (meals, games, free time, and worship) will be held at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds. As Youth Week continues to experience growth and for the safety of all students, boys will be sleeping at South Harbor Church and girls will be sleeping at Fair Haven Church. Students will be shuttled to and from the Hudsonville Fairgrounds by vans or buses morning and evening.


    Be assured that we have done our best to think about the safety and security of your student. While at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds, we will have many volunteers monitoring students. We also have a team of people who have thought through the “what if’s” and have planned responses. Also, the entrance to camp will require a check-in/check-out process for all students and volunteers. Paid night time security is at each church facility monitoring the grounds during sleeping hours. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at youthweek@harborchurches.org.

  • +Registration? Payment Deadlines? Refunds?

    Registration:Registration will begin after our Harbor Students Winter Retreat in February. Stay tuned for more details.

    Payments/Scholarships: Full payment is required at the time of registration. However, we do not want the cost of Youth Week to prohibit any student from participating. If you are experiencing financial challenges that make paying this fee unmanageable, or if you have multiple students in your household attending, we encourage you to request assistance here or speak with a student ministries staff member/volunteer. Please email youthweek@harborchurches.org for a paper application.

  • +What time does Youth Week start and finish?

    Check-in: will begin on Sunday, June 23 at 6pm at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds. Parent(s) and student(s) will line up in the appropriate line alphabetically for check-in, drop off any medications to the nurse, receive your Youth Week t-shirt, and your group assignments. Parents will also be given instructions as to where to take your students luggage. From there, parents will say their goodbyes and students will find their small group leaders at the Fairgrounds. No worries parents! There will be a lot of volunteers on site to help guide you and assist your student(s)! For new parents or parents with questions, there will be an opportunity to speak to our Camp Director who will answer any questions you may have at 6:30pm. This is optional.

    Students will be dismissed on Friday evening, June 28 at 6:15pm. Parents are invited to arrive at the Hudsonville Fair Grounds at 5:15pm for our final closing ‘club’ session where we will help you understand a little of what your student experienced at Youth Week. We encourage parents to join us for the closing celebration!

  • +What is your volunteer policy?

    At the core of what we do is an incredible team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers. We care about the safety of your student. All of our volunteers having direct contact with students have bee through a screening process which includes a written application, a criminal background check is run on all adult volunteers.

  • +Can your student invite a friend?

    YES! Absolutely! They will need to register and pay just like any other student. Also, both friends must request each other on the registration to ensure they will be together. Due to the complexity of forming multiple groups, only one friend request per student will be granted.

    You may wonder if students need to be from one of the Harbor Churches campuses or even be a ‘church-goer’… the answer is no! We welcome anyone to attend; Youth Week is a great way to be in a community with others searching and following Him.

    Since Youth Week is an event that takes place right here in our community, making friends happens pretty naturally. We also are very intentional in helping students connect to one another to find and build friendships. It’s amazing the bonds that are formed when students eat, serve, worship, and play crazy games together. Even through Youth Week is located in Hudsonville, there are students from many different school districts across West Michigan who attend.

  • +How do you place students in groups?

    We place students in three different groups. First, we place students in ‘Work Groups’ which are the groups they will serve with during the day. These are mixed age and gender groups of 9-12 students and are overseen by our volunteer adult leaders. Second, we place students in color groups for team competitions throughout the week. Students are encouraged to bring clothing that is in their color to show their team spirit! Third, we place students in small groups that are age and gender specific. These groups are used to discuss the teaching and concepts of the week.

  • +Can students leave camp?

    We would love your students to be fully engaged in Youth Week and for that reason, we recommend you make every effort to keep students at “camp” for the entire week (reschedule appointments ahead of time, talk to coaches, etc). We feel that every time a student leaves the experience they lose the momentum of what God may be trying to do in the through them during this focused week. Our experience is that once students are at Youth Week, they often don’t want to leave! Please make every effort for your student to stay at camp.

    We also realize that there are special circumstances. The safety of all of our students is a priority. For this reason, we ask that you let us know, in advance, who has permission to check your student in/out from the Hudsonville Fairgrounds and the time they will be gone. An ID will be required for all persons picking up students.

    We are in different locations and keep students busy throughout the day, for this reason, we have set times when students may be checking in and out. Please see the student absence form for details. (One form is required for each day that your student is leaving). This form must be filled out and turned in at check-in on June 23.

  • +What will my student eat? What about special dietary needs?

    We. Know. Teenagers. Can. EAT! During Youth Week, we strive to provide a healthy balanced diet for all our students. We have a hot breakfast and dinner each day as well as cold lunches that are packed by our volunteers. There is always a vegetarian option for each meal. We also provide a variety of snacks during the day and in the evenings. We go through well over 1500 bottles of Gatorade on the worksites during the day and water is always available. Please have your students bring a water bottle for refilling.

    If your student has dietary restrictions, please include their specific dietary needs on their registration form. We host students with a variety of dietary concerns and we do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. If you have a specific question or need to make special arrangements we would be happy to work with you. Please contact us at youthweek@harborchurches.org by June 2 about these needs.

  • +What about medications?

    Medications must come in original bottles with name of medication, dosage and students name clearly labeled.  (There will be no exceptions!)  Students will NOT be allowed to keep any medication on their person.  (This includes any and all over the counter medications including Tylenol and Motrin).  With the increased number of students and the open area of where all students will be sleeping this is a safety and security risk if students keep meds.  Know that the camp nurse will have Motrin, Tylenol, antacids and other miscellaneous medications available.  If a student needs a medication while on the worksite — they can come see the nurse at breakfast time and get a one time dose to go with them.  This new rule will be strictly enforced and for the safety of fellow students is NON NEGOTIABLE.  Please reach out to our camp nurse, Kristi Diephouse at kristidiephouse@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you have.  Please complete the medication form ahead of time and bring it with you along with your medications. A volunteer Registered Nurse will be on site to disperse meds at meal time.

  • +Why immunization information?

    The health and safety of students is a priority for us at Youth Week. Due to the recent outbreak of measles and the nature of the work that some work groups may be doing, we now are requiring immunization information be on file for all students. If your student has not been immunized for tetanus and MMR, parents/guardians will be required to sign a form that states that they understand the risks of participating in Youth Week and waiver of liability in case of an incident. This form will be mailed to all students in June.

  • +Where will my student sleep and shower?

    Boys and girls will have separate sleeping quarters, which will also be roughly divided based on age. They will be sleeping on the floor and will always be under the supervision of screened and trained leaders. A cot or air mattress is strongly recommended as well as pillow, bedding or sleeping bag.

    Students will have an opportunity to shower each day during Youth Week. We are grateful for an arrangement with Unity Christian High School to use their showering facilities each day after serving the community along with limited showers available on location. A shower bag to bring things to the shower is recommended and some students like to bring a bathing suit to shower in.


  • +What if it rains?

    We have both indoor and outdoor events planned throughout the week, so in the case of rain we will move to other projects or activities.

  • +Can I send and encouraging note to my student during the week?

    Yes! You can email a note to your student. Mail received by noon Monday through Friday will be delivered to students in the evening. Just email us at youthweek@harborchurches.org and be sure to include your child’s full name in the subject line.


    – Do your best to encourage them.
    – Share a verse or remind them you’re praying for them. Let them know you’re proud of them for serving others for the week.
    – Try to avoid talking too much about home and how terribly you miss them, as this may create homesickness.

  • +What are some of the partnering organizations students will serve at?

    Last year, we served at the following organizations:

    Roosevelt Park Neighbors | Presidential Estates | Degage | Harbor House | Clara’s Cookies | Ele’s Place | Bethesda Farm | In The Image | Hope Unexpected | Starlight Ministries | UCOM | YWCA | GRIF | Westown Jubilee | Buist Community Center | Hand2Hand | Holiday Estates | Renew Therapeutic | Land Conservancy | Wyoming Public Schools | Meals on Wheels | Wyoming Parks and Rec | 8th Day Farm | Hugs Ranch | Twice Treasured | DA Blodgett | New Development Corp | The Other Way | Godwin Elementary | Camp Blodgett | Community Rebuilders | Coopersville Parks and Rec | City on a Hill | Pilgrim Manor | Love Inc | Sunset Manor | Holland Rescue Mission | Senior Neighbors | New City Kids | Revive | Gilda’s Club | Women at Risk | Matthew’s House | Benjamin’s Hope | Family Promise

  • +Other Questions?

    Please email us at youthweek@harborchurches.org with any additional questions you may have.


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