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Youth Week 2017

JUNE 18 – 24, 2017

Youth Week is where summer camp and mission trips collide!

Students who have completed grades 6-12 are invited to participate in a week of sleeping at church (camp) and going out to serve in the community (mission). This probably leaves you with some questions, so be sure to read the FAQ’s on this page.

Orientation is May 21st at 6pm in the Rock at Fair Haven Church.  This is a mandatory meeting for students and at least one parent to attend.

  • STUDENT REGISTRATION: Forms must be printed and filled out.  Click here for student registration form.
  • PRAYER FORM: For registered students and leaders click here.
  • SERVE MEALS: Sign up to help serve meals here!
  • COOLERS/TENTS:  We have 30 work groups and will need a water cooler and chest cooler for each group.  Canopy tents are needed for check-in.  Sign up here if we can borrow any of these items for the week!
  • VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION: an army of adult volunteers are needed!  Click here to sign up!
  • Early Check Out form, for students coming late, leaving early or leaving for just a few hours (Coming soon!)
  • Like our Youth Week Facebook page to stay up to speed on the latest information!
  • YW MERCHANDISE FOR SALE!!! Click here to check it out!

What is Youth Week?

Youth Week is a local mission trip and camp experience that began during the summer of 2012. It is a movement of West Michigan teenagers who bring the hope of Jesus to neighborhoods in our city. It is about action. It is more than a mission trip… it’s the start to living a missional life. This year we are expecting around 300 teenagers to join us as we serve in local food pantries, clean neighborhoods, and help build the kingdom of God in West Michigan.

The basic structure of Youth Week is quite simple, we spend half of the day serving the West Michigan area (mission) and the other half the day at Fair Haven Church (camp). It is a time of intense friendship and fun, as students live, serve, and worship together, building bonds with each other, and with God, that leads to lasting life-change. In a nutshell, Youth Week is where summer camp and local mission trip collide!  Youth Week is looking to equip and serve students as we, serve our community, pursuing justice in all of our environments.

Fair Haven Church is home base, it’s where we worship, play and sleep. It is organized and led by Youth Pastors from all of the Harbor Churches campuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • +What do students do at Youth Week?

    During Youth Week students stay very busy!  Youth Week focuses on serving our local community and the majority of each day will be spent serving with a local organization.  That being said, we also have a lot of time for fun.  We play games, hang out with each other, have meaningful times of worship and Biblical teaching, and hear about what is happening in each others lives.

  • +Where is Youth Week?

    Youth Week’s ‘home base’ is at Fair Haven Church where we sleep, eat most of our meals, and worship through songs, prayer, and teaching.

  • +Who will lead the session times?

    This year, Jeremy Kreuze, a pastor of Fair Haven Church will facilitate the talks each night. Other leaders include the worship team, skit team and paid Student Ministry staff of Fair Haven, South Harbor, Harbor Life, Jamestown Harbor, and Walker Harbor churches.

  • +What does Youth Week cost?

    There is an “Early Bird” fee of $175 per student for Youth Week if signed up by April 30. The cost for sign-ups between May 1 and June 1 is $195.  This helps pay for food, supplies and transportation for the week. We don’t want the cost of Youth Week to prohibit your student from participating. If you are experiencing financial challenges that make paying this fee unmanageable, or if you have multiple students in your household attending, we encourage you to request assistance here.

  • +Can my student invite a friend to Youth Week?

    Absolutely! They will need to register and pay just like any other student. Additionally, you may wonder if they need to be from one of our campuses or even be a ‘church-goer’… the answer to this is no. We welcome anyone to come; it’s a great way to learn about God and how Christ followers serve Him!  Also, both friends must request each other on the registration we will make sure they are placed in the same group! (only 1 friend request per student)

  • +My student doesn’t know anyone. Will they make friends?

    Youth Week is a great way to meet people!  Since Youth Week is an event that takes place across all of our campuses, making friends happens pretty naturally.  We also are very intentional in making this an event that helps students connect to one another and find/build friendships.

  • +How do you place students in groups?

    We place students in two different groups.  First we place students in ‘Work Groups’ which are the groups they will serve with during the day.  These are mixed age and gender groups of 7-14 kids and are overseen by at least two adult leaders.  Additionally, we place students in ‘Cabin Groups’ which are age and gender specific.  These groups are used to discuss the teaching and concepts of the week. If your student would like to be with a specific friend, please make sure BOTH students request each other on the registration form.

  • +Does my student have to spend the night?

    To fully engage in the Youth Week experience as a whole, we highly recommend your student stay overnight for the whole week. If there are scheduling conflicts or other concerns that would hinder this recommendation, please don’t hesitate to contact the Student Ministry Team that is coordinating Youth Week: Jordan Stonehouse, Matt Koeman or Chelsea VanNoord.

  • +What do I need to know for check-in?

    Check in will begin at Fair Haven Church on Sunday, June 18 at 4:00pm outside “The Rock” (door L). You will stand in the appropriate line with your student to check them in and from there, go inside and assist them with setting up in their sleep area. Don’t worry, there will be a lot of volunteer staff on site to help guide you!

  • +When do I pick up my student?

    Youth week ends on Saturday, June 24 at 10:00 in the morning.  At that time, we will have a final closing ‘club’ session where we will help you understand a little of what your student experienced at Youth Week. We encourage parents to join us for that closing celebration before dismissal!

  • +How can I send my love and encouragement to my student during Youth Week?

    You can email a note to your student! Mail received by noon Monday through Friday will be delivered to students in the afternoon. Just email us at youthweek@harborchurches.org and be sure to include your child’s full name in the subject line.


    – Do your best to encourage them.
    – Share a verse or some kind words that speak your pride in them for serving this week.
    – Try to avoid talking too much about home and how terribly you miss them, as this may create homesickness.
    – Remind them you are praying for them and that God will move in their lives in exciting ways.

  • +My student has dietary restrictions. What do I do?

    Please inform Sheila Cavanaugh of your child’s specific needs. We host students with a variety of dietary concerns and do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

  • +What do you serve for food and snacks?

    During Youth Week, we strive to provide a healthy balanced diet for all our students.  We will have a hot breakfast and dinner each day as well as cold lunches that are packed by our volunteers.  There is always a vegetarian option for each meal, and a sandwich bar during dinner.  We also provide a variety of snacks during the day and in the evenings.

  • +What if my student has medication that needs to be taken during Youth Week?

    If your student has medications, there will be a nurse at each check-in station to document and receive medications and information. Please complete this Medication Form ahead of time and bring it with you along with your medications. A volunteer Registered Nurse will be on site to disperse meds at meal time.

  • +How do students get to work sites?

    Students are transported to and from work sites each day by experienced and qualified drivers.  Each driver must meet specific criteria and have been through our volunteer screening process.  We travel in a combination of Fair Haven vans and rental vehicles.

  • +What is your volunteer policy?

    At the core of what we do is an incredible team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers. We care about the safety of your student. All of our volunteers have been through a screening process which includes a written application. In addition, a criminal background check is ran on all adult volunteers.

  • +What should my student bring/ wear?

    Great question, please click here for a Youth Week Packing List!

  • +Where do students sleep?

    Boys and girls will have separate sleeping quarters, which will also be roughly divided based on age.  They will be sleeping on the floor (so bringing some sort of padding or air mattress is recommended) in our classrooms at Fair Haven and will always be under the supervision of screened and trained leaders.

  • +Where will students shower?

    Students will have an opportunity to shower each day during Youth Week.  We are grateful for an arrangement with Unity Christian High School to use their showering facilities each day after serving the community.

  • +What if it rains?

    We have both indoor and outdoor events planned throughout the week, so in the case of rain we will move to other projects or activities.