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40: The Art of Letting Gothe (un)divided selfThe Songs of ChristmasWhy Church MattersGenesis – Israel: ReunitedGenesis – Joseph: FaithfulGenesis – Jacob: ForgiveGenesis – Isaac: Family TraumaGenesis – Abraham: FollowGenesis – Cain: My Brother’s KeeperGenesis – BeginningsMatthew: Beginnings & EndingsMatthew: Light At The End Of The TunnelMatthew: Authority & PowerMatthew: Honest Questions People AskMatthew: Up And To The Right?Matthew: The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like…Matthew: Bad TheologyMatthew: On LocationMatthew: Christian… In a Good WayMatthew: Re(New)Matthew: The Greatest Story Ever Told By The Least Likely DiscipleCreating A Next Steps CultureNoiseAll Things NewHeroes and VillainsFor the Sake of the WorldFinding Your Way Back to God

One Mission Joining God’s Work In The World

One Baptism Take A Step Toward Change

Church Planting multiplying kingdom impact

Faith Disciplines Take the next step to build your faith