Walker Harbor Adults

We were made for dynamic, life-giving relationships with God, other people, and the world around us.

Jesus lived into these relationships within his own life. He was regularly found spending time alone with the Father, doing life in a community of people who knew him well, and bringing healing, restoration, justice, and good news to the people and crowds he encountered.

Here at Harbor Churches, we want to help you take steps to deepen each of these relationships in your own life. To do this, we create communities of belonging centered on Jesus where you can be formed and sent to be good news.

Men’s & Women’s Story Groups:
Everyone has a story, and we simply want to highlight how Your Story Matters. These two (separate) groups are formed around men and women of all ages learning together how to listen and engage with other people’s stories, how to take ownership of our story, and then how to share our story. For location, meeting time, or more information, email [email protected].

New Wine Wednesday:
These gatherings have most often taken place at Wildroast in Grandville, in which we share great food and drink while also sharing fascinating conversations around that which matters most. Faith, doubt, struggle, and questions about how to live as people who participate in the restoration and renewal of all things. Whether it’s at a local gathering space, these gatherings will happen on Wednesday nights in 4-6 week blocks, scattered all throughout the year. Contact us for the next round of New Wine conversations, [email protected].

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