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We were made for dynamic, life-giving relationships with God, other people, and the world around us.

Jesus lived into these relationships within his own life. He was regularly found spending time alone with the Father, doing life in a community of people who knew him well and bringing healing, restoration, justice, and good news to the people and crowds he encountered.

Here at Harbor Churches, we want to help you take steps to deepen each of these relationships in your own life. To do this, we create communities of belonging centered on Jesus where you can be formed and sent to be good news.

Missional Communities
MC’s are ongoing communities of people who exist to be good news to one another and the people around us. MCs are small enough that we can genuinely care for each other but large enough that we can dare to make an impact in the lives of the people around us. MCs are designed to invite our neighbors, friends, co-workers, and classmates to experience good news through a community of belonging. MCs have a shared meal/experience together at least 1x per month, pray and give thanks together, and find creative ways to ‘help people find their way back to God.

  • Compass: Outdoor Adventures  –  a community of people exploring outdoor activities including but not limited to hiking, kayaking, biking, etc. This community is open to all ages and all fitness levels, including those who don’t attend South Harbor.
  • 20’s & 30’s  –  a community of young adults to share life and faith together.
  • SH Golfs  –  a monthly golf outing followed by dinner together in fellowship. We also have a service or mission opportunity to bless the community around us.
  • SH Moms  –  a community that creates space for moms of all ages and stages to gather in community and fellowship with one another. This is an opportunity to leave the kids at home to get away from the busyness of daily life and make lasting connections with other moms.
  • SH Runs  –  a dynamic missional space in which people gather to run and spend time in community and invite their friends, neighbors, and colleagues who are on their way back to God to join them.
  • SH Serves  –  a group of people who gather together to be good news in the community.
  • SH Young Families  – parents and their kids will enjoy a meal and time of fellowship twice a month. We’ll laugh, share life, and support one another in our walks with Jesus.
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Anchor Groups 
Anchor Groups are small group style Bible studies consisting of 8-14 people who together will dive into the content from the sermon and explore more deeply their understanding of the scriptures and how to apply it to their lives. These groups will utilize our sermon-based curriculum to continue the conversation beyond Sunday.

Torah Club | Thursdays 7-9pm | Launches October 12 
Torah Club is a place to have in-depth, intentional studies and discussions of the Scriptures from a historical perspective. Together we hope to deepen our knowledge of God and Jewish culture within the biblical context while we grow together as disciples of Christ.

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Womens Ministry | 2nd & 4th Tuesdays | 7-8:30pm
Are you a woman looking for a space to belong, be known, and be challenged? Our hope is that this will be a space for women of all stages of life to belong in community with one another, be known as we grow in our relationship with Christ, and be challenged by our learnings found in the scriptures.

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Breaking Bread Groups
Breaking Bread is an opportunity for 3 individuals, couples, or families attending South Harbor to connect 3x over a meal or activity for 3 months. This is a great way to CONNECT with others, making South Harbor a rich and compelling community. Relationships are important and your participation helps make South Harbor home not only for you but for others! Join us!

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