LATEST SERIES: Surprise the World
Here’s a guess: Christmas is your favorite holiday. Am I right?Why?  What is it about Christmas that moves us so deeply? Perhaps it’s the music.Or gathering with loved ones. Or that moment you go and pick out the tree. Or decorating that tree. Or opening the presents. Or the really good food. Or the way strangers take the time to greet one another. Or that office Christmas party where everyone wears “ugly sweaters” (or as Fred from accounting calls them:  “sweaters.”) The truth is, it’s probably a combination of all of these, plus a couple dozen more.   But what if Christmas didn’t have to stop on December 26th? What if the things we love the most about Christmas were actually the things we were invited to become all along?


Tim Wilson
Lead Pastor | South Harbor Church
DATE: December 2, 2018
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