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SH Staff Blog: Y’all Come Sing Now

February 16, 2017

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This week we hear from Jared Heddens


Honestly, I love our gatherings on Sundays. While they sometimes have their challenges, I feel like they really just mirror each day. With the exception that no where else do I get to hang out with 700 of my friends and family to declare what an awesome God we serve! Other than that, our gatherings are meant to remind us what daily following Jesus should look like. We should declare God’s praise, serve each other, learn from the scriptures, and spend some time asking God to put us back together. I think, if we all learned to put those things into each and every day the world would probably look just a bit different.

Then there are those special times when we get to spend some time focused in on one particular discipline.

I hope you all, at some point, get to experience an extended time of silence and isolation. It will mess with you in ways that are really healthy.

I hope you all get to experience the joy of being surrounded in family. God says that those that call Him Lord are adopted into His family. So whether you have blood family, or your adopted brothers and sisters, there is blessing there.

I hope you all get to experience the peace that passes our ability to understand it. In those seasons when the world seems completely out of control, God promises us peace thru the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s there for the seeking.

I hope you get the experience an extended time of focusing on our God while gathered with a group of other believers. There is something powerful that happens to us when we gather, and focus on someone other than ourselves. Sunday gatherings are great for this.

Every once in a while we get to gather another time than Sunday mornings. On March 5, 2017 we get one of those chances. I’m very excited for that night as it offers us some opportunities that we haven’t had before. The biggest one is that we will get to worship with our family from our other campuses. Each of the Harbor Churches will be represented that night. While we have done something similar for One Church Baptism, this night will give us a chance to spend an extended time praising, and petitioning our God together with our extended family. I want to encourage you to consider coming. You don’t even have to stay the whole time (although I think you’ll want to :-).

Check out the details here, and I  hope to see you there!