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SH Staff Blog: Is Knowledge Really a Gift?

April 30, 2017

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this week we hear from Matt Koomen…


Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of walking along side 3 students through our Profession of Faith process. This process includes talking about the existence of God, Jesus and his disciples, next steps in the faith, and spiritual gifts. The students have the chance to bring a mentor along with them on this process and have someone to talk to about their faith and the journey it has been for them. These mentors are not only an important part during the process of profession of faith, but they have committed to help continuing to guide these students on the rest of their journey.

The best part about the profession of faith process is watching students take their spiritual gifts test and figure out the gifts God has given them. As we went around the room, we realized that all the students and mentors have been given different gifts. Some of us were given leadership, others mercy and administration. What really jumped out to me though is when one of the students was so surprised that Knowledge is a spiritual gift. He knew that he was able to retain information easily but never understood this as a spiritual gift.

To be honest, I never thought about knowledge as a spiritual gift myself, more of a time saver during school; you never need to study too hard! As a group, we talked about what it means to use our gifts, and specifically knowledge for God. It was great to see the students understand that a gift as simple as knowledge can be used in great ways by remembering scripture for people who may need to hear a certain part of the word of God.

Through this profession of faith process the students were able to take the gifts that they knew they had, and figure out how the could give God the glory through it. And THAT my friends, is what is great about having conversation about your faith. Use your gifts, whatever they may be; for the honor and glory of God.