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Jesus and the Great Outdoors

March 2, 2017

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This week we hear from Aaron Westhouse…


What does discipleship look like in my life situation? That’s a question I have been considering as I look into 2017, and my answer seems to be in the outdoors.  Our community at South Harbor is full of people who love the outdoors, and outdoor activities.  Most of the conversations I have on Sunday mornings revolve around the latest snowmobile adventure, or the next race someone is training for. I recently had the opportunity to run in the Michigan adventure race with my friends Rachel and David, and the fact that nearly 500 people wanted to get outside and run a race when it was twenty degrees outside is testament that people from West Michigan love the outdoors, no matter what season it is.

The challenge I’ve been feeling is “how can the love I have for activities in the outdoors serve as a place for discipleship and mission?”  I admit I often don’t see myself as being capable of discipling people, but if we are to believe Christ’s charge in the great commission, then we must consider ourselves as worthy of making disciples.  This year I am going to embark on an experiment of bringing my discipleship process outside, and I would love to be able to help others do the same. I know many of us love outdoor sports. I would love to see what could happen if next time we went for a trail ride, or got in the boat, we thought about who we could invite into our life. Discipleship happens when we live life together, and if for you living life looks like riding a snowmobile up north, then who can you do that with, and how can God use you to teach someone along the trail?