South Harbor Church

One Church Family. Where you live.

1907 64th Street SW
Byron Center, Michigan 49315
Sundays 9:30am


  • +Coffee?

    Yup.  We take good coffee really seriously.

  • +What should we wear?

    Come as you are.  While most people wear jeans (or shorts), others choose to dress a bit more formally.  Honestly, we want you … to be you; so wear what’s comfortable.  (Bottom line, if your kids want to come dressed up like ninjas, that’s more than fine with us.  If you want to come dressed up like a ninja, please contact

  • +I didn’t grow up in the church, will I stand out?

    We make it our priority to communicate the Christian message in a way that doesn’t assume you went to seminary.  In fact, for many in our community, South Harbor is their first church.  That said, we don’t shy away from actually learning, and growing and engaging challenging conversations.  In other words, you don’t have to have any previous church experience, but we also don’t expect you to shut off your brain either.



  • +I’ve been coming to South Harbor, and am interested in taking the next step … How?

    We understand how easy it is to come to church and get “lost” in the mix. We don’t want that to happen to you! We recommend three things if you desire to see South Harbor Church become “your” church:

    1. Come: While we realize there are a lot of things that compete for your Sunday mornings, if you really want to feel connected, a regular commitment to coming on Sundays is the best first step.
    2. Connect: We encourage everyone to get plugged into a small group. Throughout the year, we have new opportunities for you to get connected to our short-term small groups.
    3. Serve: We are always looking for help – and would love to plug you in!
  • +How do I get connected to serve?

    We have a number of opportunities to serve — both within our church, and in our community.  Contact:

  • +How is South Harbor connected to the other “Harbor Churches” in West Michigan?

    We are part of a family of churches started originally out of Fair Haven Ministries. Fair Haven has for years been known as a Harbor of Hope in its community, and beginning in 2010 began to expand its presence through additional “harbors” throughout the greater Grand Rapids area. We believe that safe places are needed throughout our world where real people can find their way back to God. He has shown us this hope through His Son Jesus Christ.

  • +What is a multi-site church?

    A multi-site church is a church that has multiple congregations on multiple sites. Our “family of churches” currently has 5 congregations (Fair Haven Church, South Harbor Church, Harbor Life Church, Harbor Chapel) on 3 sites (Fair Haven Church, South Harbor Church, Harbor Life Church.) Click here to find directions to these sites.

    We are also a member of the Reformed Church of America, and in the RCA, we’re considered a Collegiate Church, which is defined in the RCA’s Book of Church Order as “many congregations governed by one Consistory.” A Consistory is the board of elders and deacons and is the governing body of the church.

  • +I didn’t grow up in the Reformed Church, does that matter?

    Nope.  While we share the core theology, convictions and mission of the Reformed Church of America (RCA), many in our community did not grow up in the RCA.  In fact, we have a wide range of different backgrounds and denominations.