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Exams, Cake and Discipleship

February 24, 2017

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This week we hear from Rachel Reinink…


This week was a big week for me. After four years of taking classes and engaging in church leadership, I took the Great Lakes City Classis exam to be commissioned as a Pastor of Discipleship at South Harbor Church! It has been such a beautiful, messy, difficult, joyous journey!

But it wasn’t the exam itself that I think I will remember the most about this week. It was what happened right after.

I was sitting at a local restaurant eating a piece of congratulatory cake, and I looked across the table.

Many of you – South Harbor Church, were sitting at the table with me.

You were laughing.

You were joking.

You were giving me hugs.

As I sat at that table this week I had an “ah-ha” moment; a moment in which I realized that South Harbor Church has been discipling me this entire time.

The people at this table are the ones who have watched my kids many times while I had to go to class.

The people at that table pushed me to fight for the goal I had set four years ago.

People at that table have cleaned my house.

Brought me meals.

They have held me accountable to some things, and help me remain steadfast in things like taking a Sabbath, or enjoying a good puddle jump with me kids. (Because with work, comes play!)

It’s a bit ironic if you think about it. I have been working diligently to learn the art of discipleship when it has been lived out in my own life this entire time.

And that, is why I love discipleship to begin with. There isn’t a single person that cannot disciple. It’s as simple as showing up and having a meal with someone, or as deep and thought provoking as having theological discussions. In any measure, if we are simply following how Jesus loves, we are doing the work. 

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19