Setting the Table for Generosity

The life of the Christian church has always been marked by generosity. From the days of Jesus, to the early church, to the launch of global mission today, every great move of the Spirit always began with a commitment to generosity.

Vision for Setting the Table

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Primary Target: 100% Engagement
We desire for every person to take a step of faith, trust, and surrender with God by making a commitment to generosity.

Secondary Targets

  • Maximize our existing resources for disciple-making ($1.83M)
    We will resource our existing ministry to increase volunteerism, discipleship engagement and to make 50,000 invitations for people to cross a spiritual threshold across all our campuses.
  • Catalyze new churches for the future ($75K)
    We will launch two new harbor churches as well as create a reproducing church planting network with multi-cultural church planters.
  • Invest in the next decade of ministry at Jamestown Harbor Church ($1.53M)
    We will invest in digital and physical ministry by building phase one of Jamestown Commons to provide a gathering space for Jamestown Harbor Church, other partners, and community members.

One Mission Joining God’s Work In The World


Church Planting multiplying kingdom impact

Next Wave Take the next step in leadership

Harbor Kids

birth through grade 5


grades 6 - 12