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Next Wave Leadership Program


At Harbor Churches, we seek to make an intentional investment in leaders through the Next Wave Leadership Program. Next Wave is a training program that equips people to lead in their church, in their ministry and help start new churches. Participants get both hands-on experience in their ministry context and significant leadership training. The goal is to release leaders to live out the calling God has placed in their lives. This is achieved by converging classroom learning, hands-on ministry experience, team-based collaboration, and one-on-one coaching. This one-on-one life and ministry development are at the core of Next Wave. It is what enables God’s Kingdom to grow exponentially and in healthy ways. It is what we believe is at the heart of discipleship and mission.

Next Wave leadership is designed to provide for a number of different tracks of learning. Some may be interested in developing their own leadership in ministry or in their life, while others might be interested in planting a new church. Still, others might be called to be a key leader in other churches outside of Harbor Churches. Our hope is to deploy leaders of all
callings into the places they live and serve.  

At Harbor Churches, emerging leaders and new staff are active participants of Next Wave. We also invite leaders from other churches and ministries to join us in this intentional work of leadership development.  

So…if you know someone who would benefit from this opportunity, a new staff leader at your church, a college student who you see potential in, or someone you know God is moving towards ministry, Next Wave could be their next step.

For more information about joining the Next Wave Leadership Program please contact Joe Graham, joe@harborchurches.org.

Next Wave Classes

  • +Exponential East Live Stream


    • Tuesday | February 27 | 12:30 – 4:00pm
    • Wednesday | February 28 | 10:15am & 4pm
    • Thursday | March 1 | 10:15am

    Location: Fair Haven Church

  • +Multiplying Leaders | Scott Pontier

    In Ephesians 4 the Apostle Paul makes a plea for the leaders of the church to equip the church for the mission of the church in the world. The primary role of leaders is to equip and lead others.  So the question we often find ourselves asking is this: what does it mean to multiply my leadership and my ministry?  And is it strange or prideful or even arrogant to think that I need to multiply myself?  This course is for anyone who leads others (teams, ministries, churches).  In this course, we will explore what it means to be a multiplying leader that leads teams, individuals, and ministries.

    Dates: Tuesdays | June 5 and 19

    Time: 1-3pm

    Location: Fair Haven Church | 400 South

    Who: Leadership Residents, Harbor Churches Staff, Ministry Leaders, Volunteer Leaders

    Registration: Click here

Next Wave Equipping Labs

  • +Enneagram Workshop | Aaron Westhouse & Joe Graham

    What number are you? Is that even the right question about the Enneagram? The Enneagram continues to become a helpful tool for self and team leadership at Harbor Churches. If you are curious to learn more about this wisdom tool please join us for this. It will be most helpful if you complete this Enneagram Assessment before you participate. It costs $10.

    Date: Wednesday | April 25

    Time: 10 – 2pm

    Location: Fair Haven Church | 400 South

    Who: Any staff or leaders that are interested

    Registration: Click here

  • +Outreach Lab | Tom Elenbaas

    What are the best ways to equip our churches to do outreach and evangelism?  Block Parties?  Palooza? Movie Nights? Go Sundays?  Join us for a morning to innovate and evaluate outreach strategies of Harbor Churches.

    Date: Thursday | January 25

    Time: 9am – 12pm

    Location: Fair Haven Church |400 South

    Who: Ministry leaders and staff connected to planning and organizing outreach events

    Registration: Click here

  • +The Brain & Spirituality | Tom Elenbaas & Tanner Smith

    New breakthroughs in medicine, psychology, and neurology continue to tell us more and more about how the human brain works and shapes who we are as people. In the 1960’s the intersection of faith into new discoveries about the human person was called “New Age,” and the Christian church, for the most part, rejected this intersection. Today, another movement has begun connecting spirituality with what we as people are learning about the brain, but very little is being connected from a Christian perspective when in fact many of the practices being suggested are things that the Christian Mystics have been doing for centuries. This lab will explore how the brain and Christian spirituality are connected and integral to the life of discipleship.

    Dates: Wednesday | March 14

    Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

    Location: Fair Haven Church | 400 South

    Who: Any staff or leaders that are interested

    Registration: Click here