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Fair Haven Foundation

Most of us spend a lifetime working, saving, and trying to be good stewards of the time, talents and resources God has given to us in “holy trust.” As Christians, God calls us to order our lives and use His gifts according to divine principles, to engage the world, and to keep an eternal perspective – an eternal perspective that compels us to make decisions today that direct our resources into the future in ways that align with His purposes and the things we care deeply about.

For almost 50 years, Fair Haven’s mission and ministry has been supported by outright gifts, bequests and planned gifts made by faithful members who love Fair Haven and care deeply about those we are called to reach. These faithful stewards of God’s “holy trust” have invested their time and talent at Fair Haven throughout their lives and some have made arrangements to continue to support Fair Haven’s work into the future. Life income gifts, bequests, and outright gifts made or arranged for the Fair Haven Foundation can be directed to support the work of Fair Haven Ministries and assure the life-giving ministry you care deeply about continues beyond your lifetime.

  • +Can the Fair Haven Foundation help me plan a gift?

    Yes! Members of the Fair Haven Foundation Board would be pleased to talk to you and your advisors about a gift that truly reflects your values and desires in ways that align with the needs and ministry plans of Harbor Churches. However, you should consult your tax advisor or attorney about the applicability of these strategies to your own situation.

  • +Should I inform anyone if I have arranged a bequest or life-income plan that includes Harbor Churches?

    The choice is yours. You can keep your choice confidential or simply notify a member of Harbor Churches Staff or a member of the Foundation Board so we can properly thank you.

    Remembering to include Harbor Churches as you plan your estate is a powerful way to help form other Christ followers and to continue to reach the lost and the least in the name of Christ.

  • +Through a properly written will you can:

    • Direct the distribution of your assets to the people and causes you care most deeply about
    • Reduce estate taxes and maximize your gift to your loved ones and ministries
    • Choose who will manage your assets after your death

  • +What is a life-income plan?

    A life-income plan is a living, creative process that can be adapted to meet the unique needs and objectives of the donor. Because our nation’s tax laws recognize the important role of churches and charities, incentives are provided to encourage charitable gifts. Thoughtfully planned contributions can minimize after-tax costs while securing income and other allowable benefits for you and your family. The most common life income plans include Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Trusts.

    By arranging a life income plan, a donor can often:

    • Receive favorable treatment of capital gains
    • Make a sizable gift today while providing an income stream for life or for a specified term
    • Receive an immediate income tax deduction

  • +What is a planned gift?

    A planned gift is a gift arrangement, often deferred, that can allow significant donations without jeopardizing the giver’s current and future obligations. These gifts often have significant immediate or estate tax advantages or can be arranged to produce an income stream to the giver or the giver’s designee.

    Some examples of planned gifts include:

    • Gifts through a will or living trust
    • Life Income Plan

  • +What is the Fair Haven Foundation?

    The Fair Haven Foundation has been created to manage Fair Haven’s endowment and to help you find the resources you need to make wise and well planned decisions about your legacy and planned gifts. Fair Haven’s endowment is a financial foundation from which Fair Haven uses a small portion of the earnings to support its ministries. You can arrange your undesignated gift to the Foundation for any amount or direct your gift to any designated fund. If you are interested in creating a new designated fund, please contact a member of the Foundation Board.

  • +Why is it important to have a will?

    Regardless of the size of your estate, making sure your assets go to your intended beneficiaries and causes is your responsibility as a steward of the resources God has blessed you with. When a Christian dies without a valid will or other estate planning instrument, it leaves important decisions to the secular judicial system. While you would not do this by choice, it is done by default if you have not made plans or preparations. The most common problem with estate planning is the simple failure to make a plan to accomplish one’s objectives.