Generosity is learning to trust God with what he entrusts to you. Jesus talks about the intentional giving away of our money and our resources as something that’s tied directly to our hearts. (Matthew 6:19-21)

According to Jesus, generosity is a practice that shapes our hearts. Prayer shapes our hearts to listen to God’s voice. Generosity is a similar practice that shapes our hearts to see beyond our own needs. The regular and purposeful practice of generosity helps us put our trust in God instead of ourselves. Check out the resources below for tips and tools to incorporate generosity into your family.

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  • Give as a family by sponsoring a child, supporting missionaries, or responding to a news story. Even if children aren’t giving money, they can write letters or make something for the individual(s) in need. (Be sure to share any pictures, letters or thank you notes you receive with your children.)
  • Let kids cook with you when you’re preparing a meal for a sick friend or cookies for an elderly neighbor.
  • Encourage kids to create artwork in the form of pictures or cards to brighten a shut-in’s day.
  • Help children choose gently-used items like toys and clothes that they can pass on.
  • Throw a “charity” birthday party where guests bring new or gently-used items instead of gifts. Let the birthday boy or girl select an organization to help, and take him or her along when you donate the items.
  • Make or buy kids a bank with sections for saving, spending, and giving.
  • Teach the first fruits principle by having children donate their shiniest coins or the money at the top of the allowance pile. Krause, Nichola T. “Teaching Your Children About Money & God.” 2000. Orthodox Christian Church. 12 Mar. 2008.
  • Introduce “giving” role models by reading stories, visiting museums, or otherwise presenting the lives of noted altruists.
  • Ask questions, such as: How did it feel to give? Do you think you’d like to give again? What did you like about (giving role model)? Do you have any ideas about how we could help so-and-so?
  • Share your “ceiling fan” stories about ways a family member gave generously, or how someone made a difference by helping you.

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