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Global Mission Trips

Why a global mission trip? An important part of Harbor Churches One Mission together is giving people the opportunity to go on global mission trips. We offer these experiences to help further the work of our global mission partners and also to give the people of Harbor Churches the opportunity to see the beauty of God’s image on other people around the world.

Want to apply for a global mission trip? 

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For any trip or application questions please email missions@harborchurches.org.


March 2018: St. Thomas Island 

Cost: roughly $750

St. Thomas was slammed by hurricanes in the fall of 2017. They are in need of people to help demo damaged structures, minister to the local people affected, and potentially help with reconstruction. Whatever kind of relief they need, this team will be seeking to help with. If interested please email the trip organizer Jack Klunder klunder7@gmail.com if you are interested in this trip!

July 2018: Thailand

Cost: roughly $3,000

This team will be joining our One Mission partners Asian Tribal Ministries (ATM) to help toward the completion of their Haven House; a restoration center for woman and their children rescued out of the sex trade industry. They may also be joining ATM on an evangelism. This team will also spend time learning the culture, visiting a Buddhist temple and studying the image of God that is also on the Thai people. Email trip organizer Jordan Stonehouse jordan@fhchurch.org for any questions.

August 2018: Nicaragua

Cost: roughly $2,500

This team will be sent to a brand new Compassion International and church plant site in Nicaragua. Many Harbor Church members have begun to sponsor Compassion children at this specific site, and the trip will likely involve time with those children. At large, this team will be going to serve this newly established site in any fashion needed. Email trip organizer Ben Peters ben@harborchurches.org with any questions!

August 2018: Alaska 

Cost: roughly $1,400

This team will be helping the local rural people in poverty in the Sutton area. They will be helping potentially chop wood, build wheelchair ramps, reside houses, and help in any way that would communicate good news to them. Email trip organizer Brandon Britton brandon.britton2004@gmail.com  with any questions!

August 2018: Belize (for Harbor Life students) 

Cost: roughly $1,500

Our Harbor Life campus is planning a mission trip to Belize for their student ministries! If that’s you, you should pray about coming on this journey with them! Email trip organizer BethAnn Mann bap17@yahoo.com with any questions!

December 2018: Uganda 

Cost: roughly $3,000

This trip will be visiting our One Mission partners in Mityana, Uganda. A large portion of this trip will be helping run a youth retreat of 2000 Ugandan kids/teens! This group will also take some time to visit the  Compassion site in Uganda where Harbor Churches is partnered. Email trip organizer Jordan Stonehouse jordan@fhchurch.org with any questions!

March 2019: Zambia 

Cost: roughly $3,000

This team will be going to join our One Mission partner the Esther School to help plan and lead a vacation bible school for the children of the Esther school. The Esther School helps to educate and empower children. This team will also spend time learning the culture and studying the image of God that is also on the Zambian people. Email missions@harborchurches.org with any questions!

June 12-22, 2019: Ethiopia

Cost: roughly $3,000

Harbor Churches will be returning to our two partner sites in Ethiopia in conjunction with Compassion International. The trip is open to everyone. We will be renewing ongoing relationships with church leaders, Compassion site staff, and the sponsor children and their families. For more information email jared@southharbor.org.

Scholarship and Assistance 

We encourage you to explore all options to cover the cost of your trip. If you are in need of financial assistance, as one of those options, we welcome you to apply for a scholarship to cover part of your costs through the Harbor Churches mission fund. Click here to apply for a global mission trip financial assistance scholarship.