LATEST SERIES: Belong | Believe | Become
One of our deepest longings is to belong. We need to experience a connection with others and to know that we aren’t alone. We need to know others, and to be known as we really are. This is true of our relationship with other humans, and it’s true of our relationship with God. In fact, our sense of belonging is so powerful that it shapes our beliefs, values, and convictions.  And our beliefs shape our behaviors. In other words: Who we become has everything do to with what we believe, and what we believe has everything to do with our sense of belonging. What if the most important thing that the Church can do today is to create a place where people can belong so that they are empowered to discover belief and trust in God’s love so that they can be set free to become the people God created them to be? What if you could belong before you believe and as we become?


Tom Elenbaas
Senior Pastor | Harbor Churches
DATE: August 20, 2017
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