The Vision for Jamestown Commons

Jamestown Commons Financial Goal

Phase 1 Target: $3 million
To achieve Phase 1, we estimate the cost to be $3 million. Of this total, we anticipate a debt load of $2.5m and commitments and expected giving of $500,000 from our congregation.

Jamestown Commons Updates

Thank you for continuing to join us on the next steps of pursuing our vision for the community with our Jamestown Commons project. We invite you to read our latest updates below.

Jamestown Commons... a vision for the community.

As we are helping people find their way back to God, we recognize our next step is to create a permanent home base that will:

  1. Provide a central gathering location for the entire community.
  2. Become an invitational opportunity to proclaim the Good News.
  3. Serve as a launching pad for partnerships in our community.

Gathering for the Community

We believe our facility must be a desirable destination for the community to gather inside and out. We want our facilities to carry the invitational and relaxed feel of Harbor Churches and also create opportunities for people to meet, gather, connect, and talk that could include things like:

  • Cafe place to gather while kids utilize public play space.
  • Remote workspace.
  • Farmers markets.
  • Outdoor gathering areas for food trucks, community events, or even running/biking groups.
  • Space for open houses, bridal and baby showers, family gatherings, etc.

Proclaiming Good News

We see an invitational, exciting, and functional space to gather and proclaim the Good News each week that will also help us accelerate volunteer engagement and discipleship rather than deter it. We see a mission in reaching young families in the community and we want to ensure that their children have spaces that are fun, safe, and overtly inviting yet create great educational environments.

Partnership with Others

Our facility is best used when it’s used in partnership with other organizations and non-profits to become good news for the community. We want to primarily identify this location as “Jamestown Commons” rather than “Jamestown Harbor Church.” Our facility will be a place that supports the community with potential partnerships such as:

  • Jamestown Elementary Moms in Prayer gatherings.
  • AYSO soccer with local soccer fields.
  • Upwards basketball & Michigan Sports Academies sports leagues.
  • Neighborhood association meetings.
  • Young Life students and leaders hang out location.
  • Rise Community Center – afterschool program site.
Phase 1

The first phase includes a central place to worship and provide kids ministry and inviting indoor and outdoor space to gather throughout the week.

As we design and create Phase 1, we believe these spaces should be:

  • Flexible and inviting enough to use for Sunday worship as well as after-school programming and community events.
  • A welcoming environment for people to gather and meet at any time during the week where parents would love to meet a friend while their children play, or people could gather to work on a project or teachers could gather for training during an early release day.
  • Part of a master-planned facility that can grow with us, and potential partners in the community in future phases.
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Jamestown Commons Site Video


God has done amazing things through Jamestown Harbor Church over the past 6 and a half years. However, the challenges of operating without our own home are severely limiting the expansion of our ministry and the way we are able to serve our community. We are pursuing this now because we see the opportunity to reach a growing community in new and important ways.

This is phase 1; just the beginning. In phase 1, we are focusing on creating gathering space for our church and for our community. We have a plan for the whole facility and in subsequent phases we hope to add sports partnerships and dedicated worship space as well. We don’t know if that will take place in two, three, or more phases but at this point we are focusing on phase 1.

The goal and the hope is to be in the building by the end of 2023 at the latest. This is dependent on securing all necessary funds through commitments, gifts, and financing.

We will be providing regular updates through this website. There will also be periodic updates through email and our social media channels, so make sure you’re subscribed and connected! (add links to how people can connect)

If you are increasing an existing commitment or making a first-time commitment to Jamestown Commons, please do so by May 22, 2022. This will give us a clear picture as a congregation on what steps we need to take next in order to move forward.

A commitment is not a measure of your spirituality, but it is how you are communicating your participation in this project. Without commitments, we would not be able to work together as a church to secure necessary financing or to move our project forward. You certainly can give without making a commitment, but it will make it a bit difficult to move ahead with confidence.

The commitments help us put together a cash flow plan in order to plan ahead. The commitments also allow us to be as good a steward as we can possibly be in the design and build-out of this project.

No. Your individual commitment will remain confidential and known only to our finance staff at Harbor Churches.

Everyone’s gift will be different. It’s important to remember this journey is about equal sacrifice, not equal giving. Seek God and His heart for how He’s asking you to specifically partner with us on this journey. Listen to what He is saying to you about stepping out in faith and know that this only works if we work together as a church.

Use the “commitment card” link on this page to let us know how you are committing to join us in this project.

The easiest way to give is through our normal online giving portal. Click the “GIVE” button in the top right corner of this page and then select “Jamestown Commons” from the drop-down menu after selecting “Jamestown Harbor” as your campus.

Yes. We are able to receive stocks, investments, personal property and more. Please contact our Director of Finance, Caryn Krueger, for details: [email protected].

No. Your commitments and gifts for Jamestown Harbor should be above and beyond your regular giving.

Your regular giving supports the ongoing ministry and operations of the church and demonstrates our ongoing financial health to the banks and lenders offering the loan for our initiative.

This commitment begins in June of 2022 and concludes in May 2024.

First of all, THANK YOU! you have paved the way for our church to be where it is today and we could not get here without you. We also could not move forward without you so we encourage you to continue to fulfill your commitment. Your original commitment was made through December of 2023. Now that we are re-engaging specifically this facility project, we’ve moved the timeline to May of 2024 to fulfill the commitment.

This means you have an extra 6 months to fulfill your same commitment. You do not need to do anything different to let us know of your commitment.

However, if this extension allows you to INCREASE your commitment, it’s important to share that with us so that we can plan our financial reality accordingly. Just fill out the commitment card to note what the original and the new, increased amount would be.

Finally, you may fulfill your commitment in a way that makes the most sense to you; you may give to JHC the way you have been, or you may desire to direct a portion of your giving to the Jamestown Commons fund. You may do so easily online by selecting that option from the dropdown menu in our online giving portal. If you are making physical donations, just label your gift “Jamestown Commons.” Either way, if you have already made a commitment, we’ll continue to give you updates on your total giving toward your commitment.

You can give your gift weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or all at once- whatever works best for you!