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Christianity In A Time Of Confusion

January 27, 2020

February 2-23

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Who am I supposed to be as a Christian? Throughout the generations, Christians have taken on all kinds of personalities, actions, and attitudes claiming all the while to do so in the name of Christ.

But over time, Jesus has become increasingly obscured by the imperfections of his followers. Even today, our view of Jesus is deeply shaped by one version of Christianity or another—which are sometimes directly in conflict with one another. Is it even possible to know Jesus anymore? Or have we clouded the truth with our own humanity?

Jesus himself dealt with this same tension as the religious people of the first century—the Pharisees—obscured God by the many traditions, rituals, and rules they placed before people.

In this series we will get a clear view of who Jesus is by listening to what he actually says about himself, watching how He lives his life and asking how that shapes our next steps. Because, In our search for God, we may have settled for the Pharisees without even meeting Jesus.