Next Wave

At Harbor Churches, we seek to make an intentional investment in leaders through the Next Wave Leadership Program. Next Wave is a training program that equips people to lead in their church, in their ministry and help start new churches. Participants get both hands-on experience in their ministry context and significant leadership training. The goal is to release leaders to live out the calling God has placed in their lives.

Next Wave leadership is designed to provide for a number of different tracks of learning. Some may be interested in developing their own leadership in ministry or in their life, while others might be interested in planting a new church. Still, others might be called to be a key leader in other churches outside of Harbor Churches. Our hope is to deploy leaders of all callings into the places they live and serve.

At Harbor Churches, emerging leaders and new staff are active participants of Next Wave. We also invite leaders from other churches and ministries to join us in this intentional work of leadership development.

For more information about joining the Next Wave Leadership Program please contact Joe Graham, [email protected].

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