Harbor Life Adults

We were made for dynamic, life-giving relationships with God, other people, and the world around us.

Jesus lived into these relationships within his own life. He was regularly found spending time alone with the Father, doing life in a community of people who knew him well, and bringing healing, restoration, justice, and good news to the people and crowds he encountered.

Here at Harbor Churches, we want to help you take steps to deepen each of these relationships in your own life. To do this, we create communities of belonging centered on Jesus where you can be formed and sent to be good news.

Anchor Groups:
Anchor groups are a small group/bible study opportunity for 6-12 people to explore together what the Bible says about God and about people/humanity. Using the Discovery Bible Study approach, we will practice hearing the word but also doing the word through both life practice and missional rhythms. Anchor groups will run 5 – 8 weeks seasonally and will be based on a sermon series or specific passages. We are inviting you to explore with us what the Bible says about God, about people, and what it means to follow Jesus.

Breaking Bread Groups:
Breaking bread is an opportunity to connect with others. Our hope is that it helps you get to know each other more personally while chatting over a meal or coffee! Here’s how it works: Individuals and families who are attending Harbor Life Church (in person or online) sign up to connect three times over three months. Each group will have a volunteer point person who will help coordinate and communicate. We encourage each group to rotate the responsibility of “hosting” once a month. You can choose to open up your home, enjoy beverages over a zoom call, or meet at a local park or restaurant.  After three months, there will be a new opportunity to sign up and groups will get shuffled and reassigned. We believe relationships are important and that life is so much richer when we do it WITH each other. Join us! Sign up during the months of January, May, and September.

Grandville Life Skills Program:
Harbor Life Church is teaming up with two other churches to support families that live in and around the Grandville area. Harbor Life’s role is to provide childcare for these families on Tuesday nights 6:30-8:30pm at Fellowship Christian Reformed Church.

Alpha is a series of sessions that explores the basics of the Christian Faith. Each session looks at common questions that people have about faith. Questions like “Who Is Jesus?” “Why and How Do I Pray?” “Why Should I Read My Bible?” and “How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?” These questions are designed to create conversations in a safe place. Alpha is an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore the Christian Faith, ask questions, and share their point of view. Alpha will help us build relationships and engage in our spiritual journey together.

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