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The Harbor Collective is not a single church, but rather it is multiple communities, called microchurches, that share the same mission: to help people find their way back to God.

Each microchurch is defined by a unique context in which that mission is lived out, such as a specific geography (such as a neighborhood or street) or specific people group (for example, maybe they want to connect with stay-at-home moms or as the closing shift of a bar staff).

Because of these different contexts, each microchurch in the Harbor Collective might look and operate differently from another one, but the approach to our shared mission is the same: we aim to create communities of belonging, centered on Jesus where people are formed and sent to be good news.

In addition to our shared mission, our microchurches have other things in common. Each one is meant to be a community, committed to sharing life together (of both the physical and digital variety!) as well as maintaining regular rhythms of gathering to worship, pray, read scripture, eat and be good news to their local communities. Essentially, we aim to be the church wherever we are.

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helping people find their way back to God