Harbor Life Church

One Church Family. Where you live.

3085 Wallace Avenue SW
Grandville, MI 49418
Sundays Worship 9am & 11am. Beginning on January 5, we will have one service at 10am.

Elders and Deacons

Harbor Life Church is a congregation of Harbor Churches, which is a multi-site church. Harbor Churches is five congregations served and governed by one “Consistory,” made up of deacons and elders from each campus that worships over 200 people. Each congregation worshipping 200 or more people also has Pastoral Elders and Deacons who serve with the Pastor of that congregation and make up the Campus Leadership Team.

The Consistory is charged with governance of the whole church while Pastoral Elders and Deacons are charged with ministry duties within the congregation. The staff is responsible for the empowering of people in the congregation and implementation of various ministries.

For more information on the Collegiate Consistory, Bylaws and Guiding Principles click here.

Harbor Life, while moving into a relaunch phase, is expecting to elect new Elders and Deacons this coming year. During this season, the Campus Leadership Teams has been reduced to focus in other areas. Below are the Harbor Life Church Elders and Deacons currently serving in their respective roles:


Pastoral Elders

  • Micah Childress (Clerk)
  • Sam Ekdom
  • Keith Thompson
  • Mike Werkema (VP)

Pastoral Deacons

  • Mandy DeHaan
  • Chadwick Doran
  • Peter Dornbos
  • Dan Mann

Collegiate Members

  • Katie Esther (Deacon)
  • Russ Kopp (Elder)