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An Invitation to Slow Down

February 27, 2017


It’s time to slow down.

Doesn’t that sentence just sound like good news?

Go ahead, read it again. Read it deliberately, word by word.


Do you feel that? That sense of freedom and release?
I’m giving you permission to stop running so hard,
to stop trying to accomplish so much,
to stop pushing that giant rock up that steep hill.
You have permission to slow down.

Take a deep breath.
I’ve got great news:
Lent is here!

Hmm … that’s not what you were expecting to read, was it? Well, Lent IS great news, because Lent is a time when we slow down,
when we take a breath,
when we examine our lives.
Lent is a time to prepare.
Lent is a time to examine.
Lent is a time to take stock.

Lent is a time to reimagine our lives less hectic,
less busy,
less stressed,
less selfish,
less noisy.

Could you use a time of LESS? Yeah, me too.

Ash Wednesday (March 1st this year) marks the first day of the season of Lent.  Lent is a time of focused preparation 40 days prior to Easter (Sundays are not included) where Christians intentionally prepare our hearts and minds for the lessons of Holy Week, the suffering of Good Friday, and the Celebration of Easter Sunday.  During Lent, Christians for centuries have reoriented their lives, their priorities, and their daily rhythms so that they could fully engage in a time of remembrance and contemplation.

During lent:
We confess our sins.
We forgive others.
We pray.
We fast.
We are quiet.
We take stock.
We notice.
We. Slow. Down.

To help us enter into this season, we will be having a series of reflective prayer services at Harbor Life Church.

Every Wednesday morning throughout the season of Lent we will be hosting a short meeting of prayer and scripture reading.  Starting on Wednesday, March 1st (Ash Wednesday), meet with us in the sanctuary from 6:40-7:20am for a time of quiet reflection and group prayer.

We will experience the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday, and the remaining Wednesdays will be dedicated to prayer and scripture reading.
Everyone is invited.
We hope you will come and SLOW DOWN with us.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Tanner