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  • Imagination

    July 10, 2018

    Imagination is a gift. Children imagine friends that are not there. Adults imagine futures full of what is yet unrealized. An imagination is that part of us that can form new ideas, get creative, and be resourceful to launch into new ventures. A year ago our children’s ministry team shut the door and stepped into […]

  • Rest

    July 2, 2018

    Rest is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. In part, because June and July have very busy schedules that have me feeling in need of rest, but largely because of something Bryan, our High School Director did a couple weeks ago. The week before Youth Week, the largest student ministry event of the […]

  • Listen To A Story

    June 27, 2018

    Two words: Youth Week! To me, it feels like there needs to be a hundred exclamation points behind those two words. I have the incredible honor of teaching, or bringing the sermon, each night of Youth Week during the worship gathering (affectionately referred to as Club). This is pure joy and it feels like a […]

  • Working With Tools

    June 19, 2018

      “If you never let them work with tools they’ll never learn how to do it.”      I heard this spoken as I watched a friends’ video of her three-year-old having the time of his life learning from his grandpa how to use a trowel to finish concrete. See, the grandpa knows what he’s […]

  • You Make God Smile

    June 12, 2018

    If you look at my Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see that just about every other post is either a picture or video of my son. And I think that it’s time for me to admit something to the world…I am an “Insta-Dad” (definition: a dad who posts way too many pictures/videos of their kids). I […]

  • The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. I Corinthians 3:19

    June 5, 2018

    A thousand years from now, will it matter what title you held?  Will it matter what height you climbed to be recognized for your hard work?  A thousand years from now, will it matter that you gained one promotion after another?  Will it matter that you outpaced your peers in a race to somewhere for […]

  • Be Present Where You Are

    May 30, 2018

    One of my favorite verses in the Bible comes from the book of Exodus. To set the context, God has already approached Moses in the burning bush and sent him back to Egypt to lead the people from captivity into the desert where he will educate them about what it means for them to live […]

  • A Memorial Day Prayer

    May 22, 2018

    My memories of Memorial Day as a young child are tied to a ‘bonus’ day off from school, a cheery parade with hundreds of people on Baldwin Street and a pool party with my closest cousins. Over the years, I’ve become more sentimental about this American holiday that honors men and women who died while […]

  • What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Interesting

    May 15, 2018

    One of my favorite authors, Peter Rollins, often says that we are all haunted houses, full of ghosts. What he means it that we each have experiences, relationships, people, and failures that haunt us. You can probably very quickly think of one of your own ghosts; someone you’ve lost, someone who wronged you, a venture […]

  • The Story from Word to Way

    May 8, 2018

    I have the great privilege of serving the community of Walker, with a central focus on reminding people that their story matters. Your story matters. Because our stories are a tangible gift of the Divine. Our stories are dynamic, not static, which is to say they are endlessly unfolding. What we believe is found less […]