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2017 June

  • Seeing Psalm 22 at Youth Week

    June 29, 2017

    Last week I had the incredible opportunity to take part in Youth Week. (If you aren’t familiar with Youth Week, you can see the details from this year’s here: http://youthweek2017.com.) For now, Youth Week is basically where summer camp meets mission trip. This year, we had over 270 middle and high school students fill our […]

  • Youth Week 2017

    June 23, 2017

    Youth Week 2017 has taken a combined 4,288 human hours to plan. During Youth Week, adults served 7,170 hours and students served at least a combined 5,400 hours. Altogether, I estimate that Youth Week amounts to about 16,858 human work hours. That’s a crazy statistic. And with all of the people’s time given to a single thing, […]

  • Cut to the Heart

    June 13, 2017

    We first hear this phrase in Acts 2, when we learn about the Pentecost. The word Pentecost derives from a Greek word meaning 50. The first Pentecost happened 50 days after Easter. The Bible tells the story of a gathering in Jerusalem, where 120 people, including Jesus’ Apostles, his brothers, and his mother, were gathered […]

  • Be Our Guest

    June 5, 2017

    Don’t forget to welcome outsiders. By doing that, some people have welcomed angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2 Hillary sat in her car in the parking lot, engine running, staring at the doors. This went on for 10 minutes, if not longer. Her eyes were on the people walking in the doors, laughing and shaking hands […]