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Get in the Fight

February 28, 2017


I’ve learned a lot over the past six years of leadership at Fair Haven. But I’ll cut to the chase on the biggest lesson that I’ve learned: young people are effective fighters for Jesus.

Much of our world claims that this generation mostly values themselves over anything. I get it, it’s easy to look at a teenager sleeping in on a Saturday and label their generation as lazy and self-centered. But that would be a huge mistake to do so…and inaccurate…and, I think, a little offensive to God.

Jesus loves the “little ones.” Jesus loves to use the “weak” things of this world to demonstrate His Almighty power. And my friends, that’s exactly what He’s doing with our young people (or should we say, His young people). God is using this generation to reach the world, despite what the “Debby downers” might have to say about our young friends.

This summer, we’re refusing to hit the breaks in giving young people the keys to the Kingdom. Youth Week 2017 is going to be bigger, badder, braver, and bolder than anything we’ve seen before. We believe that God will trust us to equip and empower 300 students this year (and you have no idea how much work that creates for us).

But it’s worth it.

Do you know why? Because young people are our best bet to help people find their way back to God. When they (young people) really get it (Jesus), they don’t filter it…they just bleed Jesus wherever they go. They fight for Jesus is every area of their lives. They motivate us older people (it’s okay for me to say that), to get moving for Jesus.

The rest of us have a choice…we can falsely label this generation as selfish and lazy OR we can join them in the fight for God’s mission to love and save the world. I choose the latter.

So get in the fight. We need as much help as we can get for Youth Week. Clear your calendars as much as you can June 18-24 (maybe even the whole week!). Any evenings or mornings here and there will help. We need an army of adults to send our young troops into battle. Click here to sign up to volunteer for Youth Week 2017!