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FH Staff Blog: God Sees You

February 7, 2017


She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have seen the one who sees me.” Genesis 16:13

The “she” from the verse above was an Egyptian servant girl named Hagar. We don’t know her story before she became a servant, but I imagine by this time she was not living the life of her dreams. Not by a long shot. She was a servant living on the move in the hot desert. She was forced by her mistress Sarai to become pregnant with Abram, Sarai’s husband. After becoming forcefully pregnant, Hagar was mistreated by her jealous mistress. Things got bad. It became bad enough that Hagar, the servant girl, ran away into the desert to escape the mistreatment of her mistress.

So there Hagar was: pregnant, in the desert, running away, all alone… or so she thought. It was in the lonely desert that the Lord spoke to her. It was there that the Lord gave her hope and a promise for a better future. She became the center of His attention. She was overwhelmed with emotion that she was seen… seen by God!

It was there that she gave the Lord the name El Roi, which means “the one who sees me.”

That’s an incredible story, isn’t it? Yet today, thousands of years later, our world is still full of people who don’t know that they are seen by God. On a very local level, there are several kids still awaiting a Kids Hope mentor at Sandy Hill Elementary School. I’m sure that at least one of those kids does not know that they are seen by God. That’s why we mentor: to show God to kids through our time and love. The presence of a Christian adult in the life of a child is an extension of the eyes of God. A mentor’s presence delivers the most important message a child can receive: that God sees them. And that God loves them.

So we ask: will you pray about being a mentor to one of these kids?

Will you show those around you today that God sees them?

Will you give praise to God for seeing you?

Please email email hidden; JavaScript is required to mentor a child through Kids Hope.


Jordan Stonehouse