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FH Staff Blog: Transition

February 1, 2017


Life is filled with transitions. I have been thinking about that a lot. Some transitions are easy and some are painful. Some choose us and we choose others. It is in those transitions that change takes place. There are those who would even say that no real change takes place except during times of transition.

Transitioning from grade school to middle school, moving out of your childhood home, or going from just two of you in the home to a third, who may demand a lot of attention, will change you. Have you ever quit a job that was steady in order to grab hold of a dream that was uncertain? It is terrifying and exhilarating all at once. It is called transition. Have you ever lost someone who was close to you and you had to figure out what life would be without him or her? It is called transition. Life will never be the same after experiences like that, but that does not mean it will be bad. It will just be different. Change takes place.

I wonder what makes so many so reluctant to embrace change. I wonder what makes so many of us want to avoid it almost at all costs. Why is it hard to step into it? Perhaps it is the illusion that we actually know what is going to come next. We don’t. Life has a way of teaching us that. Perhaps it is the fear of letting go of something we know to reach out to something we don’t know, but hope is equally real. Some call that a leap of faith.

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it is change. In fact, if there is one thing certain about death, it is change. We transition from childhood into adulthood and from this life into the next. Transition, change, and faith seems so intertwined that we who have faith in Christ ought to embrace it more quickly than anybody else. When we step into the unknown, we do so with the One that has made Himself known. Today, I resolve to step into transition well. I am choosing to be a person who invites change. I want to live out of a faith that compels me to believe that even what I cannot see is just as real as what I can.


Greg VanderMeer