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Fair Haven Kids – Special Needs Ministry

June 9, 2016


A little less than a year ago, Fair Haven Kids launched a new Sunday morning ministry for children with special needs with the desire to minister to and meet the needs of all children. A special sensory room was set apart for children with sensory needs. We give children a chance to learn about Jesus in a fun environment and integrate children with special needs partially or fully into our children’s programing. Our volunteers in the Special Needs Ministry are passionate about serving the children they minister to. Our belief is special needs is no limitation for the Holy Spirit to work in a child’s life. Our goal is to help all children find their way back to God. An outcome is that parents have been given the opportunity to attend worship services when they otherwise could not.

Take a moment to watch the video and catch the story of Alex and the Williams family. It is a powerful story of a family that is being blessed!


Greg VanderMeer