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courage to die

December 19, 2014


“One man will chase a thousand for the Lord your God fights for you!” Joshua 23:10

Courage is a powerful thing. Well-placed trust in the Lord is a powerful thing. Courage that proceeds from a deep trust in the Lord moves people and shapes the world. The Bible is riddled with stories of men and women who faced danger and difficult circumstances with great courage and faith. Daniel trusted God even when he was tossed into a den of lions. He came out of that den unharmed and his trust was bolstered. Abraham trusted God to take him to a land he had not seen and did not know. Elijah trusted God to come through for him as he mustered up the courage to face off with 850 prophets of baal and asherah. When Caleb and Joshua were well advanced in years they chose to lead the charge against a people much larger and more powerful. Their courage proceeded from a deep trust in the power of God.
I have been reflecting on the present circumstances of my life. I have been asking questions like, “What lies before me that requires courage and great faith?” There is no possible way a people as many as Fair Haven are not being called to something that requires great faith and great courage. What I am hearing from God right now has little to do with the next mountain we need to take. I don’t feel there are false prophets to face. I am not sensing any dens or fires. What I am hearing, however, I cannot shake. I am stuck on the words of Deitrich Bonohoffer, “When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die.”
If anybody should invite death, it should be us. We are people of the resurrection. We know that after death new life comes. Because I know this to be truer than the air we breathe, I am asking God again what needs to die in me so He can bring new life. I will embrace the resurrection of something new in me. I am asking God what needs to die in Fair Haven, so He can bring as He has so faithfully brought over our History, new and wonderful things. And that leads me to ask you to pray the same thing. You are Fair Haven. What needs to die in you? What is the Spirit of God saying to you? It will take courage and great faith to step into the river of God’s movement. It is not safe. You will be swept away. Listen to His voice. Step into the unknown. Christ is constantly calling. He bids us come and die.


Greg VanderMeer